National Seminar Series 

NEW seminars to best target your learning needs are on their way to your town or city in 2020.

Our seminars are presented by experts in the field of copyright law who are up-to-date with the latest policies, laws and applications of copyright.

Using examples of recent case law to put your queries into context, this professional development series is not to be missed! 

Who our seminars are for:

  • Content creators & copyright managers
  • Website administrators & social media managers
  • Librarians & archivists
  • Museum & gallery professionals
  • Educators & administrators in educational institutions
  • Government employees working for Commonwealth, State, or Territory bodies
  • Artists, musicians, photographers, designers, writers, film-makers, and all creative industries

   •  Content creators & copyright managers

   •  Website administrators & social media managers

   •  Librarians & archivists

   •  Museum & gallery professionals

   •  Educators & administrators in educational institutions

  • "I found the copyright and photography seminar very helpful. The information and examples provided of copyright situations were tailored to our needs." - Sydney 2018

  • "An excellent seminar, covering all areas of copyright at a level easily understood by any layman. I went away retaining all the information provided. Highly recommend it." - Melbourne 2016

  • "I really liked the recent, contextualised examples that James and Jo used in their workshops. Drawing on real life examples helped to explain the concepts. Thank you!" - Sydney 2016

  • "Presenters gave lots of relevant examples and were very open to questions, making sure questions were answered in a way understood by everyone present." - Perth 2016

  • "The presenters were knowledgeable and prepared and had a good presentation style. Flexible to answer questions and the day seemed to go very quickly." - Adelaide 2016

  • I have been to a few seminars over the years, and this one was the best I have been to. Content was very relevant, and I felt the presenters were being realistic with their comments and examples, instead of just talking in "lawyer speak" as in previous years. I walked away with a very clear understanding of Copyright issues as they are in the modern world. Great modern examples, addressing lots of digital issues" -Sydney 2017

  • "Excellent - lots of information; good use of examples; good handouts; very relevant and useful information."- Brisbane 2017

2020 Seminars - check back for further details


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