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The topics we cover include:

  • What is copyright and why we have it
  • How you get copyright
  • Who owns copyright
  • How long copyright lasts
  • When you need permission
  • When you don’t need permission: special exceptions
  • Who to contact for permission
  • Selling and licensing rights
  • What happens if there is an infringement
Benefits of eLearning  

Easy & Fun
It takes just one hour to understand the basics of copyright law, our eLearning is designed to engage students with short interactive sessions and pop quizzes throughout to keep students engaged with the topic

Fast & Convenient
Start learning about Copyright straight away, students can move at their pace as the training is presented in bite-sized chunks

This course takes just one hour to complete and can be accessed from any device, any time, any where


Professional Development
The Copyright Essentials eLearning course is one hour long and provides a certificate of completion which can be counted toward Professional Development Units

Cost Effective
For individuals and organisations alike, the Copyright Essentials course is a very cost-effective way to learn about Copyright in Australia

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