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E-ssential Business Copyright Pack
Understanding copyright is vital for all businesses but legal advice and protecting your business can be complex. Armed with the right knowledge, you'll reduce the risk of financial or reputational harm to your business. Our E-ssential Business Copyright Pack will ensure you have the tools to make your copyright a success. What you'll learn: - What is copyright and why it's important? - Why is copyright important to businesses? - How do you minimise your risk of infringing copyright? - How do you make copyright work for you? - Protecting images, text, videos and other content you post online. - Online copyright clearances, permission and licences. - Managing your online community and social media presence. - Why is copyright important to businesses? - Managing copyright assets. Our E-ssential Business Copyright Pack covers copyright 101 through our online course, and specialised e-books on copyright for websites and social media, and businesses. Who is this E-ssential Business Copyright Pack for? - Entrepreneurs - Business owners - Brand managers - Business advisers and senior managers who want to protect their property Who are we: The Australian Copyright Council is an independent, non-profit organisation. We provide accessible and affordable advice and information on copyright law for Australian content creators and consumers. We understand that you work hard to create your content, and want to help you protect it. Join our mailing list to receive 10% off your next purchase and stay up to date with copyright news. Don't miss out, become copyright aware today. E-ssential Business Copyright Pack RRP: $150