Information Sheets

Music: DJs

Posted on 7/8/2019
This information sheet is for DJs and people who mix or remix music.

Internet: Copying & Downloading

Posted on 5/1/2015

Music & Copyright

Posted on 7/1/2019
This information sheet provides an overview of copyright in the context of music for songwriters and composers.

Geo-blocking, VPNs & Copyright

Posted on 12/21/2016
This information sheet gives a brief overview of copyright law as it relates to geo-blocking and virtual private networks (VPNs).

Playing Music In Public: OneMusic Australia

Posted on 7/1/2019
This information sheet contains information about OneMusic Australia and the licences people and businesses need for playing live and recorded music “in public”.


Music & Copyright v01

Posted on 7/5/2016

Music & Copyright

Posted on 7/5/2016