Information Sheets

Logos: Legal Protection

Posted on 16/02/2017
In this information sheet, we give a brief overview of the law as it relates to the protection and use of logos. We focus on copyright law and briefly discuss other laws that may be relevant.

Websites & Copyright

Posted on 25/01/2017
This information sheet is for web developers, bloggers, website designers, start-ups, businesses and anyone interested in copyright issues relevant to creating and managing websites.

Internet: Copying & Downloading

Posted on 5/07/2016

Video Uploads & Copyright: YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook etc.

Posted on 25/01/2017
This information sheet gives a brief overview of the relevant copyright issues for people uploading video to YouTube or other video-sharing sites such as Facebook, Vimeo, or Daily Motion. It will also be of interest to those seeking to use videos hos

Websites & User-Generated Content

Posted on 25/01/2017
In this information sheet we give an overview of copyright issues that apply when people operating websites, social networks, blogs and other online services invite users to create or post their own content.

Geo-blocking, VPNs & Copyright

Posted on 21/12/2016
This information sheet gives a brief overview of copyright law as it relates to geo-blocking and virtual private networks (VPNs).

Video Live-Streaming & Copyright

Posted on 21/09/2017


Copyright Essentials v3

Posted on 5/07/2016

Websites & Social Media

Posted on 5/07/2016

User Generated Content

Posted on 5/07/2016

Copyright Essentials v4

Posted on 5/07/2016

Interactive Games & Copyright

Posted on 5/07/2016