Federal Circuit Court signals businesses ignore copyright at their own peril 

Last  week the Federal Circuit Court issued a default judgment against the Respondents in AUSTRALASIAN PERFORMING RIGHT ASSOCIATION LIMITED v ILLUSION BAR & NIGHTCLUB PTY LTD & ANOR[2017] FCCA 883.

The sole director of Illusion Bar & Nightclub Pty Ltd, Mr Peter Arhontogiorgis, was ordered to pay APRA|AMCOS $114,113.28 in licence fees, interest, court costs and additional damages for infringement of copyright after he had ignored all attempts by APRA to enter into a licensing arrangement and continued to do so even after proceedings has been issued against him.

In making the orders,Judge Dowdy noted: “In my view the present case constitutes a serious breach of copyright by the Respondents. As stated at [8] above, they have both ignored the very reasonable overtures from the Applicant and entirely disregarded the present proceeding.”

The judgment is accessible here.