Technical Notes
  • This program requires a good quality network connection in order to run at its best. Program performance may suffer if you are using a poor or unreliable network connection.
  • If you have any firewalls or security programs installed on your device or network, these may prevent some of the audio or video content from working correctly.
  • In order to support as many online learners as possible, this program has been designed to comply with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, which influence the type of activities and interactions available in the course. This does not affect the quality of the content being delivered and we hope you will appreciate that our aim is to make this course easy to use for all those interested in learning more about copyright law.

This program will only run on the following devices, operating systems and browsers:

Windows 7

  • Internet Explorer10
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Firefox 34+
  • Chrome 39+

Windows XP

  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Chrome 39+

Mac 10.10

  • Safari 7.1

iPad Air

  • All versions of iOS except 7.1.1

iPad Mini

  • All versions of iOS except 7.1.1

iPad 2

  • All versions of iOS

iPad 3

  • All versions of iOS except 7.1.1

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m using an iPad and can’t hear the audio

Likely cause: There is a security restriction for mobile Safari on iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPad 3, which affects audio.

Suggested action: Upgrade your version of iOS or switch devices.

I’m running the program through Firefox and can’t see any of the videos

Likely cause: Videos in this program are being streamed through Vimeo, which doesn’t currently support FireFox on Windows XP or Mac.

Suggested action: Switch to a different device or browser from the approved list above.

On iPad sometimes I can’t get the navigation window to appear

Likely cause: This is an intermittent known issue that is specific to iPads.

Suggested action: Refresh the screen or click on any of the buttons at the top or bottom of the page and then try again.

I clicked on link to view PDF at the end of a video/animation but it is not displayed

Likely cause: The program requires the video/animation to be completely loaded before the PDF links are accessible.
Suggested action: If you have already watched the animation and have dragged the slider to the end of the bar in order to view PDF links, you will still need to wait for the video/animation to load before PDF links will be available.

When viewing the course on a PC I can see window close button (exit) button but this is not visible when I run the course on an iPad

Likely cause: There is a security restriction for mobile Safari, which prohibits the use of this button on iPads.
Suggested action: To close the program, close the browser window you are using.