Australian Society of Authors

The Australian Society of Authors is the professional association for Australia’s literary creators, with 3000 members in Australia and overseas. The ASA represents everyone who writes or illustrates for publication. Our members are biographers, illustrators, academics, cartoonists, scientists, food and wine writers, historians, graphic novelists, children’s writers, ghostwriters, librettists, travel writers, romance writers, editors, bloggers, computer programmers, journalists, poets and novelists.


ASA members receive a regular newsletter, three issues of Australian Author magazine per year, discounts on publications, and access to a subsidised contract advisory service. The ASA provides information and advice on all aspects of writing and publishing, offers professional development opportunities and advocates on behalf of authors to all levels of government.


Our achievements for authors include the introduction of Public Lending Right and Educational Lending Right, establishing the Copyright Agency Limited and setting up the Australian Copyright Council. Our current campaigns include fairer e-book royalties and contracts, and the introduction of tax-free grants, awards and prizes.