The Copyright Council's 27 members include the peak bodies for Australian writers, musicians, photographers, visual artists, journalists, film makers and architects. These organsations have members that are either owners of copyright or performers.


Each organisation appoints a representative, who is entitled to attend, vote at the Annual General Meeting and other meetings and be nominated for election to the board.


The Council provides information to member organisations about developments and law reform issues affecting their members, co-ordinates responses from member organisations on certain issues, and assists member organisations with the preparation of submissions on copyright issues.


The Council does not represent the views of each affiliated organisation on every issue about which it makes a submission. On some issues, such as moral rights and performers’ rights, some of the member organisations represent the views of “users” rather than creators of copyright material. On issues such as these, the Council makes submissions in the interests of creators.


The following organisations are currently affiliated with the Australian Copyright Council: