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Educational Institutions: Using Text & Images
Educational Institutions: Using Text & Images

In this book you will learn about the specific copyright provisions relating to the use of Text & Images and gain a better understanding of when your activities may have copyright implications. This edition is a comprehensive revision containing new material and current case law (previous book ´Educational Institutions: Text, Images & Music’ (B107)).

Topics range from:

  • Copying text, images & notated music
  • Copying from the internet
  • Digital delivery of course materials including use of content and learning management systems
  • Special case exception (section 200AB)

This book is relevant for anyone working in an educational institution • it is an invaluable resource for teachers, librarians and IT staff working in schools, TAFEs, universities and other educational institutions. RRP $50

Graphic Designers & Copyright
Graphic Designers & Copyright
This practical guide covers issues such as how copyright affects graphic designers, who owns copyright, when you need a clearance to reuse a design, when you need a clearance to use someone else's work and how to get the clearance, what Creative Commons licences mean, and what to do if copyright is infringed.

The topics we cover include:

  • What is copyright and why we have it
  • How you get copyright
  • Who owns copyright
  • How long copyright lasts
  • When you need permission
  • When you don’t need permission: special exceptions
  • Who to contact for permission
  • Selling and licensing rights
  • What happens if there is an infringement