The Australian Copyright Council is an independent, non-profit organisation. Founded in 1968, we represent the peak bodies for professional artists and content creators working in Australia’s creative industries and Australia’s major copyright collecting societies.


We are advocates for the contribution of creators to Australia’s culture and economy; the importance of copyright for the common good. We work to promote understanding of copyright law and its application, lobby for appropriate law reform and foster collaboration between content creators and consumers.

Our Vision

Accessible and affordable legal advice and education on copyright law for Australian content creators and consumers.


Our Mission

Supporting a creative Australia by promoting the benefit of copyright for the common good.

Our Values

We believe in the values copyright laws protect:

  • defending creators’ rights in their creative expression
  • promoting a thriving, diverse, sustainable, creative Australian culture
  • providing easy, accessible, and affordable legal advice to the creative community
  • balancing the interests of creators, consumers and service providers

We provide easily accessible and affordable practical, user-friendly information, legal advice, education and forums on Australian copyright law for content creators and consumers. A society's culture flourishes when its creators are secure in their right to benefit from their creative work and when access to those creative works is easy, legal and affordable.


Copyright effectively and efficiently enables this balance between protection and access.