Information Sheets

Music: Choirs, Orchestras, Ensembles and Private Music Teachers

Posted on 2/10/2020
This information sheet is for choirs, orchestras, private music teachers, music students and others wanting to perform and copy music.

Music & Copyright

Posted on 11/21/2019
This information sheet provides an overview of copyright in the context of music for songwriters and composers.

Music: Use in Film

Posted on 11/19/2019
This information sheet is for people who want to incorporate music into the soundtrack of a film or video project they are creating. We give you information on how to get permission and on some commonly used industry terms.

Geo-blocking, VPNs & Copyright

Posted on 11/7/2019
This information sheet gives a brief overview of copyright law as it relates to geo-blocking and virtual private networks (VPNs).

Performers' Rights

Posted on 12/9/2019
This information sheet discusses the various rights granted to performers under the Copyright Act and is for performers and for people filming, recording or making agreements with performers.

Playing Music In Public: OneMusic Australia

Posted on 10/11/2019
This information sheet contains information about OneMusic Australia and the licences people and businesses need for playing live and recorded music in public.


Music & Copyright v01

Posted on 7/5/2016

Music & Copyright

Posted on 7/5/2016