Copyright for Businesses
Copyright for Businesses

A user-friendly guide to copyright for businesses

This is an essential guide to assist those dealing with copyright issues in the workplace. Whether you are creating copyright material and want to avoid infringement, this book will give you practical expert advice.

This publication is intended to assist business owners and other people dealing with copyright in a business. The copyright issues discussed in the publication will be relevant whether you are a sole trader, partnership, trust or company (although in some circumstances the legal situation may be different depending on whether your business has a separate legal entity). The scenarios discussed in the publication are relevant to all businesses large and small, although many of the examples are designed to provide particular assistance to issues faced by small and medium sized businesses.

Topics include:

  • Why is copyright important to business
  • Buying, selling & licensing copyright material
  • Managing copyright assets
  • Websites & Social networks RRP $50
Carolyn Dalton, Jennifer Turnbull & Carl Ruppin
Publication date
Nov 2011
No. of pages
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