New Technologies for Education eBook
New Technologies for Education eBook

This guide is for people working in educational institutions, such as lecturers, teachers, library staff and people working in IT. In this context, “educational institutions” can include organisations providing training and general education (whether registered as such or not) as well as organisations such as schools, TAFEs, universities and language colleges. An education unit within other types of organisations may also be “educational institutions” for the purposes of the Act.

We look at how copyright and contractual issues affect the use of new technologies in the context of education. The new technologies we discuss include learning and content management systems, interactive whiteboards, and iPods and iPads. We also discuss how copyright and contract issues may impact on setting tasks for students based on or around the online environment • such as creating blogs, wikis, podcasts and vodcasts • and what copyright issues teaching staff may face if they want to create these sorts of resources.

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Ian McDonald
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Dec 2010
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