University CIT and e-Learning Testimonial


How did you and your staff find the Copyright Essentials e-Learning online course?

As the participating staff had a varied level of copyright knowledge, this was a great way to get everyone on the same page prior to the customised training (webinar) provided by James Cheatley. Our staff reported the following re the online course:

  • Clear instructions for access were provided.
  • Content was both interesting and informative. 
  • A variety of learning activities (e.g. video viewing, quizzes, and slides) contributed to an engaging experience.

How did you find the customised training sessions?

From our perspective, all went very well: 

  • Duration of both sessions was appropriate i.e. 45 mins input + 15 mins for questions/answers.
  • Sessions contained relevant content (provided a good overview of requested topics/issues).
  • We appreciated that some follow up information (links etc) for future reference was sent through after the training.
  • The delivery platform worked well (no technical hitches reported from anyone).  
  • The webinar format provided easy access across multiple campuses.  (We appreciated the willingness of the ACC to use the webinar format so that our staff at various campus locations could access the training.
  • Asking questions through the chat mechanism worked well. (This chat feature prevented participants talking over the top of each other or there being awkward silences as participants waited for each other to speak.)

How did you find the presenter?

  • James' delivery style enhanced the presentation of content.
  • Thorough preparation was evident.
  • Questions asked via the chat medium and which were sent through prior to the training were competently addressed during the webinar.

Other comments?

Our contact with the Australian Copyright Council has been a very positive experience. Staff who undertook the training have provided very positive feedback regarding both the Copyright Essentials e-Learning online course and the webinar sessions presented on September 14th. 



In-House Training Request Form
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Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance CIT Testimonial


How did you find your presenter?

James put on a terrific session. He was very well informed and explained complex legal issues in a clear, accessible manner.

We were able to grill him on the details and were impressed by his ability to explain even the trickier legalities of copyright. 

How has the training your received from the Copyright Council assisted this work?

The training was customised to our particular focus on performers’ rights in audiovisual screen productions and specifically the practical impact for performers were the Beijing Treaty to be ratified.  

Having worked in the Government at the time of the negotiation of the Beijing Treaty, James was able to provide invaluable insight into the historical and geo-political context for the Beijing negotiations as well as being able to workshop the legal implications of change.  

Would you recommend the Australian Customised training to others?

Yes. We specifically requested a training seminar be conducted on a particular question. James had clearly thought about the particular issues we needed to address and structured the entire session around it.

That made for a very thorough, intensive and engaged session. Every participant came away with a better understanding of a very complex area of law.

I would recommend this form of Customised training to anyone seeking to develop their expertise in a very particular, focused way. 


MONA Melbourne GLAM Seminar Testimonial


How did you find the sessions you attended?

Informative, engaging, and utterly relevant to those working in the museum and gallery sectors.


What brought you to our seminars?

A need for various MONA staff to broaden our understanding of how and when copyright and permissions are involved in gallery and museum functions, in order to streamline internal processes and see the ‘gaps’ where we can improve.


How does copyright apply to the work that you do?

I reproduce images for internal collections management purposes. I provide images to colleagues for research and references in order to plan for exhibitions, installations, conservation treatments etc.


Would you recommend the seminars to others working in your field?

Highly recommend the GLAM seminars to others working in the cultural sector.